The use of pages

Pages are different from post in many ways. One of the main differences is that you can have a whole page and more sub pages for that page and it can be totally different from your post. It helps keep your website organized and nice.

On my website I plan to use both pages and post for I feel like the using both will help keep this site more interesting and organized.

I am starting to see power and the frustration in WordPress. The power I am seeing is that it is easy to create a website for what you want. The frustration I am seeing is that what I see when I create it is different from what goes on the actual website.



Adding an Image

Whiskey at the state horse show    Whiskey at the state horse show

In Word press to enter a picture is simple. All you have to do is either  have the URL or the image needs to be downloaded to your computer. Once you have the image URL or downloaded then all you have to do is click create a new post click the picture button and then click upload media. Once your image is uploaded you can then change the size there is and increase and decrease button when you click on the image. If you look above  I have uploaded two images the one on the left is the smallest you can get an image, and the one on the right is the largest you can get an image.I find that adding images to your site helps create character and I feel like it brings joy to the site. Having images on websites almost brings you joy becasue then you know what you are doing is right and not wrong and it gives you relief that you are doing it right.This is how you uploaded an image, it’s a quick simply process so don’t be scared even though it looks confusing.

To go  along with these images my teacher has shared a quote with me that says,“Images and visuals are one of the primary ways for us to communicate information now.  We need to take a step back from the text and think more about the visual.” Instead of just writing instructions we need to add some visuals for words can be confusing at times that pictures are not. Seeing pictures and enjoying the beauty that  others are enjoying to is awesome. I love looking at pictures of my own or that ones my friends have shared with me. It gives words more color its helps explain the beauty of the world that we can’t write.

This website has once again updated and there are a few differences. one of the differences I recognized is that you no longer have the choice to chose if your picture is medium, thumbnail, or large for size. Instead you have an enlarge and minimize button. That is the only difference I could find.

Welcome to Word Press it’s easier than it looks!

It may look confusing and all but it really isn’t. Once you get the hang of Word Press it  is actually easy. Don’t let all the buttons and words scare you. I know at first it looked confusing and it felt almost over whelming, but once I got to making my first post I realized that how un-confusing it is.  Just keep with it and don’t give up, it will get less confusing as you go.

I am here today making a Word Press simply for my Web design class. When I first started this class I had no idea Word Press even existed but now I do, and I feel like in the future this website will become very helpful to me and many others. So don’t give up on this site  even though it looks confusing keep at it, and in the future maybe these skills or this website will come in handy to you.