Welcome to Word Press it’s easier than it looks!

It may look confusing and all but it really isn’t. Once you get the hang of Word Press it  is actually easy. Don’t let all the buttons and words scare you. I know at first it looked confusing and it felt almost over whelming, but once I got to making my first post I realized that how un-confusing it is.  Just keep with it and don’t give up, it will get less confusing as you go.

I am here today making a Word Press simply for my Web design class. When I first started this class I had no idea Word Press even existed but now I do, and I feel like in the future this website will become very helpful to me and many others. So don’t give up on this site  even though it looks confusing keep at it, and in the future maybe these skills or this website will come in handy to you.

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