Linking to other websites


Linking to other websites around the world can be very helpful. This is helpful because then we can get more information that we might not have been able to see if it wasn’t linked. Linking to other websites that are helpful helps if people don’t understand your own website.

How you insert a link

Linking websites to your website is easy. All you have to do is copy the URL for the website you want to link you site to. Once you have that URL copied then you go to the post or the page highlight the the words you want linked and then while those are highlighted paste you URL. Don’t worry it wont remove the words it will just add the URL to them.  If you need additional help don’t worry click here on inserting a link.

Personal Experience

Have you ever looked at a site wondering what the heck they are talking about or what they mean? Want an easier, more simple website to look at?  I know I have been in this position myself and I wonder what the heck they were talking about or what the heck their direction were telling me to do, but then I clicked on the word that was colored blue and said need more help click here. So I did and it took me to another website that made more sense. These links help so much and I feel like they are need if you are trying to explain something that can be confusing to others.






















































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