Themes are important to a website for many reasons. First, having an eye-catching webpage draws your followers and readers in. Second, it makes your website different from everyone else. Finding a theme that goes with your webpage and that you like is difficult. You may like this theme but the theme over there would go better with your webpage.  You can never just find the perfect theme without customizing it a little bit.

While I looked through the themes every week because I am able to find something wrong with the theme I have and I end up not liking it.  Choosing theme can take from one day to a few weeks. You will know once you have found the perfect theme.

I’ve had many challenges myself with finding a theme. A few are those are, having my other pages show up as a link, being able to work the site, and the organization. Each theme is very different from the next and I have realized that there will always be challenges within a theme.

In a theme  I look for something that goes along with your site, but also that stands out. Needs some personality but not to much. Most of all make it you  and your site.

Here’s a joke if you need one:

Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?

Because they are lactose







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