Plan for My Website

“It is crazy to build a website without a plan.  Those people who just ‘go for it’ are silly!” I can agree with this quote and disagree.  Some people work better with an outline while others work better with just going for it. Having a plan is nice when it comes to making a website because it helps you to stay and track and makes sure you don’t forget anything. Without a plan you might forget to add a page or something.

While we are speaking of plans I will  be going over my plan for my website. Click here to see my plan Plan Map.  This website will be not to bad to create since I have an idea on what I am doing, and since I have learned to use Dreamweaver.   Making this website  wont be bad but getting all the information and pictures will be kinda tricky.  I know that making this websites will come with some difficult that I will be able to learn from.

Even though this is my first website I think that it will be fun to code and add everything up to make a masterpiece. Since the Speech and Debate team doesn’t have a website and I am involved and love it I think it will be fun. The best part is that its my own site and I can do whatever I want on it.


Q: What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?
A: A thesaurus.